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Almus is your company if you aspire to work with people who have a thirst for innovation, participate in diverse projects, and are motivated not by deadlines, but by common goals and a friendly environment.
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We value night owls, early birds, and those who haven't made up their mind yet. That's why we give our employees freedom to choose their start and end time. If necessary, we can also easily arrange for you to work remotely temporarily, without sacrificing productivity and comfort.
Free lunches
We care about people who want to make us a part of their future. For that reason, we provide free lunches for our employees and guarantee endless supplies of the best coffee, snacks, nuts, and fresh fruits all year round. We know how difficult it is to enjoy work on an empty stomach.
Vibrant corporate culture
An integral part of our company's culture is spending our time off together. On most days, we charge up by playing video games, diving into VR, taking part in city quests or movie nights, and on many holidays we throw amazing, large-scale corporate parties.

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If you want to build your career while working with friendly professionals
For me, Almus is an opportunity to work in a team of top minds in their fields—an opportunity to influence the future of the whole direction of the company's projects and the opportunity to prove myself. All issues and working moments are resolved quickly and directly. Excellent working conditions and leisure activities, as well as the most delicious cookies :)
Ivan Shahlevich
IOS Developer
There are millions of reasons to love working at Almus. Creative atmosphere, wonderful people, team support and trust, modern equipment, and many nice goodies. I have never regretted my choice!
Sviatoslav Mehovich
PHP Developer
Working at Almus is a pleasure! A cheerful and friendly team, variety of interesting tasks, cozy office and lots of pleasant little things — all these things can be found here. The workplace feels like home. The guys greet each new employee with a smile making you immediately feel like a part of a great team!
Ksenia Biruk
Graphic Designer
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